Digital Knowledge
for Climate Managers

In this project, we will train and educate ‘climate managers’.
We are convinced that the transformation can only be implemented
boldly if every manager understands that they are a climate manager.

To make decisions that lead in the right direction, those decisions must be based on data.
How to obtain this data, how to interpret it, how to draw the right conclusions,
and how to involve others in the measures taken?

You can learn this skill in our e-learning courses.

If you are not very experienced in digital tools and e-learning,
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Our courses

Climate and Action Campaigning

Gain a good overview of the basic climate knowledge.
Additionally, the course provides practical skills that
you can use within your scope of work to implement
climate protection measures.

Climate Impact Measurement

Learn how to evaluate numbers using suitable tools. This training is intended
for climate managers in municipalities, regional governments, companies, and
organizations responsible for climate action, climate communication, and monitoring.

There will be no books on the shelf, but rather tools for climate action.
Many specialized climate tools are available on the internet. Each of them is more
or less complicated to use, and it takes a lot of time to figure out what features the tools offer.
But how do you find the right tool for your needs?

We want to make the selection easier with CAT – Climate Action Tools

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